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 Gedney Hill Church of England and Shepeau Stow Primary Schools Federation

Shepeau Stow Primary


All the staff will try to make sure your children are safe and happy at school. Sadly accidents do happen and first aid will be given to any child who needs it. If the accident is more serious, every effort will be made to contact you as parents before taking further action. If hospital treatment is required, a member of staff will go with the child and stay until a parent arrives.

So we can contact you quickly, if the need arises, please keep us informed of up to date emergency telephone numbers and addresses. 

Illness or other absence (not holidays) 
All absences need to be reported as soon as possible - expect a phone call if we haven’t heard from you!

Please tell the office, not another member of staff (as they are sometimes too busy to be able to pass the message on).

Once you have told us a child is ill, you do not need to ring every morning.

If a child has sickness and/or diahorrea please keep your child off for 48 hours, after the last bout, to prevent the spread of any infection.

Medication in school

Staff are not legally or contractually required to give children their medicine, or to supervise them taking it. Those who agree to administer medication do so voluntarily.

Prior permission must always be sought if you wish the school to administer it. The form below must be completed.