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 Gedney Hill Church of England and Shepeau Stow Primary Schools Federation

Shepeau Stow Primary


Executive Headteacher

Alison Buddle

Assistant Headteacher

Julie Barmby

School Business Manager

Colette Ladley


Simon Cooper

Class teacher - Woodpeckers

Jo Earth

Class teacher - Puffins

Beth Hunt

Class teacher - Penguins

Class teacher - Eagles

Rebecca Inch

Nicole Mann

Class teacher - Eagles

Jeremy Barron

Teaching Assistant

Sarah-Jane Millard

Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Jayne Terrington

Teaching assistant Vickie Waterfall

Pastoral Care Worker

Dorothy Beagley

Midday Supervisor Julie Thaddeus

Midday Supervisor

Emma Sallis

Midday supervisor Hannah Davies
Midday supervisor Hannah Cooper